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Teeter EP-560™ Ltd. Inversion Table


Back pain relief—and beyond.

To better understand how inversion temporarily relieves back pain, remember the “4 R’s” – rejuvenate discs, reduce nerve pressure, realign the spine and relax muscles. In addition, a regular dose of inversion can help with relaxation, stress relief, flexibility and strength-building. In just a few minutes a day, without breaking a sweat, you can help restore your body and remain active and feeling great.

Product Specifications

Height Capacity:4 ft. 8 in. – 6 ft. 6 in.
142 cm – 198 cmWeight Capacity:300 lb. (136 kg)Assembled Non-Use Dims:

60 in. x 28.8 in. x 58.5 in.
152.4 cm x 73 cm x 148.6 cm

Assembled In-Use Dims:

84 in. x 28.8 in. x 86 in.
213.4 cm x 73 cm x 218.4 cm

Package Dims:49 in. x 29.6 in. x 8.5 in.
124.5 cm x 75.2 cm x 21.6 cm Product Weight:70 lb. (31.8 kg)


Certified Quality. Unrivaled Performance.

Voluntary compliance and testing to consumer products safety standards specific to inversion tables means you can put your trust in Teeter.

Look for the UL mark on the product, the only way to verify that a product is independently certified for quality! With over 30 years of experience and hundreds of advancements to improve control, comfort and effectiveness, Teeter Inversion Tables are built to better deliver the benefits of inversion.

Target Back Pain at the Source with Teeter.

Relax tense muscles and decompress the spine to reduce loads on the discs between each vertebrae and keep painful pressure off the nerves.

How can just a few minutes a day on a Teeter help you temporarily relieve back pain? Just remember the “4 R’s”: rejuvenate discs, reduce nerve pressure, realign the spine and relax muscles. Inversion is the quiet side of fitness – simply recline and relax on the Teeter and allow gravity to do the work for you!

Preliminary Study: Hope for Sciatic Sufferers.

Researchers at Newcastle Hospital cite inversion as “an effective, conservative treatment option with potentially significant healthcare cost savings.

A published preliminary pilot study evaluated two groups totaling 24 patients: both received physical therapy and one also inverted regularly to 60o or more. Results indicated over a 70% reduction in the need for surgery for the Teeter users compared to the control.

.Inversion Therapy in Patients with Pure Single Level Discogenic Disease: a pilot randomized trial. Manjunath, et al. Newcastle General Hospital, Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK.

Fitness Triad: Cardio, Strength, INVERSION.

Achieve benefits far beyond the relief of back pain! Stretching is all-too-often overlooked as the 3rd pillar of fitness, a vital balance to your fitness routine.

Care for your joints and muscles to help remain flexible, active, and able to do what you love! Running is high impact and weight lifting is compressive. Both are hard on the joints. End every cardio or strength session with inverted decompression for a complete workout that cares for your muscles and joints.


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